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How to Run Smarter Businesses with TrackTik

TrackTik’s Back Office Management suite empowers security companies like yours to streamline administrative tasks and improve profit margins by controlling costs, enhancing accuracy, and saving time on data entry. It automates processes like contracting, invoicing, scheduling and payroll so you can ensure that you meet your service level agreements. Through a powerful set of tools, we enable companies to handle the specific needs that come with managing a security workforce, such as:

Streamlining administrative tasks by scheduling officers efficiently

Reducing time, cost and human error in data entry

Accurately reducing time from operations to service invoicing

Measuring organizational performance

How can TrackTik’s Back Office Management Suite help your business?

  • Create efficient and accurate officer schedules in a few easy clicks
  • Effectively manage overtime and shift exceptions
  • Stay compliant with the ability to set-up meal and break requirements for officers on-shift
  • Create custom bill items in order to accurately bill clients for services delivered
  • Automate invoice generation based on invoice frequency and services provided
  • Use data to analyze labor costs along with profit and loss in order to strategically allocate resources

Take advantage of an all-in-one solution

Our Back Office Management suite handles complex requirements and gives you the flexibility needed to run a successful security organization in one easy-to-use solution. Having an all-in-one solution that connects your field operations with a back office system allows for enhanced data accuracy and centralization, more dynamic administrative processes and a more efficient and thorough way to handle a large volume of contracts and invoices through automation.

Back Office Management Features

Contracts and Invoicing Module

  • Prepare multiple invoices in batch to optimize approval process
  • Offer detailed timesheets based on client requirements
  • Allow clients to track invoices in the client portal

Scheduling Module

  • Identify what positions are needed at a site
  • Build rolling templates for ensured scheduling accuracy
  • Manage scheduling exceptions in real-time
  • Make vacant shifts available to officers who are able to pick up extra shifts
  • Distribute schedules to officers through email, TrackTik SHIFT and our portal

TrackTik SHIFT

  • Use TrackTik Shift as a companion to your Back Office scheduling module
  • Ensure officers are able to view and manage their schedules on the go
  • Obtain officer acknowledgement of shifts in a few easy clicks
  • Communicate important shift information while out on the field
  • Empower your employees by making them feel connected to the organization

TrackTik 360

We recently launched TrackTik 360, our partner ecosystem that enhances the added value of TrackTik’s products by collaborating with systems and software that you may already have in place, or wish to use in the future. With expert partners that cover human resources, telecommunications, payroll and more, you’ll be able to take complete advantage of our Back Office Management suite.

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